10 Ways to Be Happy in Our Brain And Be Positive

Life brings many ups and downs, and we humans are made in such a way that we have to deal with them no matter what it takes as they are our problems. But keeping ourselves happy throughout these kinds of situations is in our hands and completely our choice. Life will always throw many great challenges in front of us, and ultimately it depends upon us whether we have prepared our mind to deal with them happily or not.

So here are some ways that will absolutely help us to turn our happy mode and a sense of positivity too.

ways to be happy

  1. Retrospect happy memories

We all have experienced good moments in our life that remain inside our memory forever, whether be it with family, friends, acquaintances, pets, places, objects, etc. Whenever we retrospect those beautiful memories our mood abruptly changes and a wide smile appears on our face which makes the day.

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  1. Smile

Smiling for no reason isn’t silly at all. Keeping a smiley face all day will turn on your happy mode. And by noticing your mood, other people’s faces might also brighten up. Indirectly you can become the reason for the changing environment in your office, school, college, or any other institute.

  1. Laugh

Laughing works for the same reasons smiling does. You might get noticed by many people around you when you widen your smile by opening your mouth. It’s good if you have a habit of laughing at something or if that thing brings a chuckle on your face because ultimately you remain happy and that is the most important thing for you.

  1. Spend time with a pet

Sometimes you do not like to talk to people around you or share your feelings with them. It’s okay because it is natural that we try to hide our feelings according to certain situations, but that doesn’t mean that we have lost hope to remain happy. We just need to divert our minds and we can achieve that by spending some quality time with a pet as it helps in releasing dopamine.

  1. Get out in the sun

Taking a walk under the bright scorching sunlight helps in releasing serotonin in our brain, which has a role in stabilizing our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. Basically, it’s the change in the environment which we are dealing with that can also be the reason to be happy.

  1. Write down your feelings on paper

Studies have shown that writing down something or happenings on a piece of paper produces fewer emotions and helps you to feel less distressed. That’s why some people have a habit of making a diary where they share day-to-day stories or activities.

  1. Give or get a hug

Studies have shown that if you give or get a hug that lasts for more than 6 seconds then a sense of trust starts building for the other person as our senses start to calm down and we feel relaxed as we have entered a comfortable zone. A long hug will release the neurotransmitter oxytocin, the bonding hormone, that calms down our emotions.

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  1. Wash your face with cold water

Splashing will not completely switch your mood into happy mode but it will undoubtedly slow down your heart rate which helps in calming your nerves and senses too. Consider splashing of cold water to be an environment changer that changes the state of your mind.

  1. Be around other people

Whenever you feel distressed or low then try searching for a place full of people whether it can be a café, book store, public places like a market, parks, etc. you just need a place that can create a different environment for you that will further change your mood.

  1. Listening to music

What can be a better solution other than music to keep yourself happy? Listening to music is a quick-step for brightening up your face with a wide smile as it releases dopamine. Whenever you feel bored, then plug-in your earphones and start grooving on your playlist.

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