10 Rowdy Place in India That You Can’t Avoid


Which place do you think is the rowdiest in India? Some of you may name the obvious choice like Delhi and Mumbai for being the most rowdy places in India. However, you may not have known that even Surat is a rowdy place in India right now. The crime rate in cities is going through the roof, and they are probably the unsafest places to live in India right now.

10 Rowdy Place in India

Top 10 Rowdy Place in India


1- Delhi

Delhi is the most rowdy place in India, without any surprise. The Indian capital’s crime rate is just astronomical in numbers and continues to rise despite many government and law enforcement promises. It is ranked among the unsafest places in the world to live.

2- Chennai

Chennai, a growing hub for many startups and budding enterprises, is India’s second most rowdy place. Even though you may have heard people appreciating the welcoming nature of Chennaiites, you don’t know the dark reality. Year after year, Chennai continues to be one of the most unsafe and dangerous places in India to live.

3- Ahmedabad

The world’s biggest cricket stadium is in Ahmedabad, and the city has been claimed to be a heaven for tourists by the government. But do you know that Ahmedabad ranks among the rowdiest places in India? It has beaten the crime rate of Mumbai this year.

4- Mumbai

Mumbai- the city of dreams, is also a city of many crimes and illegal activities. While some people find the key to their success in this city, some fall into the deep hollow dungeons, which turns them into rowdy people. In Indian cities, people have started to become short-tempered, and Mumbai is a prime example of it.

5- Surat

Occupying the 5th place in the list of most rowdy places in India, Surat in Gujarat is heaven for big businessmen. However, the society in Surat is divided into many parts, and a big chunk of these parts are involved in crimes. It is one of the unsafest rowdy places in India right now.

6- Pune

Now, there is a substantial gap between the crime rate of Pune and Surat, but still, Pune is not a safe place to live in India. It’s among the rowdy places in India despite being a small city with a small population when compared to other big cities of India.

7- Bengaluru

The name of Bangalore was changed a few years, but the crime rate in the city has not changed at all. Changing the name did not do any wonders for this city plagued by crimes. It is surely a rowdy place in India that you don’t want to navigate alone.

8- Jaipur

The pink city of Jaipur is famous for its grandeur, lovely cuisine, and culture. However, those who know a few things about law and order consider Jaipur to be famous in the region of crime as well. Chances are you won’t find a fault in the city’s hospitality when you are a tourist, but if you are going to get settled here, rethink twice.

9- Hyderabad

The city that is famous for its delicious Chicken Biryani and wonderful and vibrant culture has a serious crime rate that can’t be ignored. What’s worrying about the fate of Hyderabad is that the crime rate is climbing here, which certainly makes it a rowdy place in India to visit.

10- Kolkata

You may have enjoyed the delicious Bengali sweets like Rasmalai and Rabri from your nearest shops and may have thought of visiting West Bengal’s capital one day. However, it would be best if you kept your safety in mind when visiting Kolkata as it is a rowdy place in India with many dangers lurking in the shadows.

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