Movies And Series On Amazon Prime That Are Releasing This May

Movies And Series On Amazon Prime That Are Releasing This May
Movies And Series On Amazon Prime That Are Releasing This May

Amazon Prime is one of those platforms that have abundant movies and series to offer. And this May 2022 also many movies and series on Amazon Prime that are releasing.

Amazon Prime is never short of movies and series that will keep you entertained throughout the month. So, be sure that your entertainment quota will be full. 

Amazon Prime Latest Releases
Amazon Prime Latest Releases

6 Movies And Series On Amazon Prime 

There are many latest movies and series that are releasing in the month of May 2022. So, here is a list of a few movies and shows that you cannot miss at all. 

Sneaky Pete Season 3 On 10th May

Season 3 of the Sneaky Pete will be released on the 10th of May. This series is about a conman who becomes a part of a family.

This man is a grifter who also has to fight his demons. Now, the role of the conman is played by Giovanni Ribisi. Furthermore, Efrat Dor is also a part of the show and plays the role of a con woman. 

Good Omens Season 1 On 31st May

The Good Omens is a series that is based on a comic fantasy novel. This series took nearly 30 years to be made into a series by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. 

The story revolves around the life of an angel and demon who decide to work together to fight against an apocalypse. 

Fleabag Season 2 On 17th May

This is another season of one of the funniest series that you can watch. The second season of the Fleabag season 2 returns with some witty and self-deprecating humor.

So, brace yourselves for laughing the whole time while watching this season. 

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Suspiria On 3rd May

Suspiria is an upcoming thriller that will release on the 3rd of May. You can see Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton as the lead stars in this thriller. 

This movie is about the 1977 Italian cult classic. Here, Dakota Johnson plays the role of a young dancer who becomes a part of a mysterious company. 

Action Point On 8th May

This is an upcoming Johnny Knoxville comedy movie. The story is about Knoxville who is trying to save a park from a developer. 

This humor movie will make you laugh so much that you definitely love it. 

Antitrust On 31st May

Although there is some time for the release of this movie, the hype has reached its peak. Antitrust is a thriller that also has a lot of suspense elements as well. 

The story is about a young programmer, played by Ryan Phillippe who works for a Silicon Valley star, played by Tim Robbins. Although, he idolized this star. 

He soon discovers some not-so-good secrets about him. 

So, add these series and movies to your list and these will surely keep you entertained throughout the month. 

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