10 Highest-Grossing Bhojpuri Movies of All Time

List Of Highest Grossing Bhojpuri Movies Of All Time By Box


These are some of the Highest-Grossing Bhojpuri Movies in Indian cinema. Bhojpuri cinema is a significant component of the Indian film industry, and over time, its popularity has grown to such an extent that many prominent Bollywood actors have appeared in Bhojpuri films. Many Bhojpuri films over the years have not only received positive reviews but have also made a big impact at the box office.

Highest-Grossing Bhojpuri Movies of All Time

In the realm of Indian cinema, the Bhojpuri film industry has carved out a special place for itself by enthralling audiences with its unusual storytelling, regional flavour, and colourful cultural features.  Bhojpuri cinema has produced a vast spectrum of films that connect with audiences worldwide, from romantic dramas to action-packed adventures and touching comedies.


10 Highest-Grossing Bhojpuri Movies of All Time

1. Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamaar

One of the greatest Bhojpuri films ever made is “Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamaar” from 1984. Sujit Kumar directed this action movie, which included well-known actors like Bandini, S N Tripathi, and Sujit Kumar. 

2. Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna 

This romantic comedy, which was directed by Rajnish Mishra, depicts the tale of a young couple from diverse origins who, despite opposition from their families, are adamant about getting married.

3. Naya Pata

The 2014 family drama “Naya Pata” is one of the most recent films to be included on this list. The unique subject of migration is the focus of the film, which was made by Pawan K. Shrivastava. Starring are Yashwardhan Singh, Shahid Ahmed, and Abhishek Sharma.

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4. Gangotri

With Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Manoj Tiwari, Nagma, Ravi Kishan, and Bhoomika Chawla among its cast, “Gangotri” was a significant film for the Bhojpuri film industry. This 2007 movie, which Abhishek Chhadha directed, broke box office records.

5. Balam Pardesia

The 1979 film “Balam Pardesia” is the next title on the list of the top 10 Bhojpuri films of all time. Rakesh Pandey and Padma Khanna starred in the Nasir Hussain-helmed film.

6. Nirahua Hindustani 

Popular Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Lal Yadav “Nirahua” plays the title role in this Satish Jain-directed movie, which follows his quest to capture a woman’s love despite the challenges they face.

7. Sasura Bada Paisawala 

This comedy-drama, which was directed by Ajay Kumar Jha, centres on the endearing yet humorous connection between a son-in-law and his affluent in-law.

8. Damini 

“Damini” is a social drama that Raj Kumar R. Pandey directed that focuses on the difficulties and problems experienced by a woman in a traditional community. It talks about societal conventions and concerns with women’s empowerment.

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9. Devra Bada Satawela

This romance film, which was directed by Rajkumar R. Pandey, examines a young couple’s love story and how societal expectations and misunderstandings affect their union.

10. Ganga Devi

The 2012 release “Ganga Devi” is a political drama that quickly became one of the most well-known Bhojpuri films of all time. It features prominent Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan, as well as Vinay Bihari and Pakhi Hegde. 


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