Top 6 Websites To Buy Furniture Online In India


Your current home or office gives you a bland vibe, and you’re looking for a makeover? Well! If any of these words resonate with your cause, you, my friend, need a ‘Complete Overhaul’ in terms of furnishing. Moreover, if you’re confused about where you should go and buy furniture online, we have a list ready for you. Check out India’s top 6 websites to buy furniture for your house or office online.

Top Websites To Buy Furniture Online in India


Livspace is one of the top websites if you are looking to buy furniture online in India

Livspace is one of the most innovative platforms for decorating homes in 2022 if you’re an Indian. The reason is that the Livspace team helps you personally in sorting furniture online, interior, and much more and takes care of the complete execution. It’s one of the top websites if you are looking to buy furniture online in India.

It starts with you filling out a form of what you want, consultation sessions, submitting token amount, and bam! Here’ you have a working implementation of your dream home. For those looking for a customized solution, this is what you’ve been looking for. 

Urban Ladder

 Urban Ladder is one of the best furniture online store

Urban Ladder has been in the market since the internet boom touched India, which is why Reliance Retail bought this furniture marketplace. Yes! It’s operated by one of the giant conglomerates in India. Moreover, if you’re looking for furniture online in India with a different touch, Urban Ladder is your best furniture online store.


Pepperfry is one of the cheap online furniture store in India

Pepperfry sits right beside Urban Ladder in terms of quality and competition. . With numerous options to choose from and heavy discounts and offer all around the year, Pepperfry is a good choice among cheap online furniture store in India.


Ikea is the biggest online furniture store in the world

Ikea has just stepped into India lately, but if we’re talking globally, they are one of the biggest when it comes to online furniture stores. With their above-the-line design and affordable prices, they win hearts and are a customer’s preferred choice—check out their online store to know your options.


Rentomojo is one of the best websites where you can rent furniture online.

Rentomojo is one of the best websites where you can rent furniture online. The only catch here is, if the furniture that you’re looking for is not available at the time, you’d have to wait.

Initially, you’d have to deposit a small sum, and then you can subscribe to anything available on the platform. Starting from fridges, sofas, wooden cabinets, tables, work desks, and chairs, this platform offers a lot.

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It works in the same manner as Rentomojo. The only difference comes with stock availability and prices. While on Rentomojo, you’d get to see the same repeated and affordable stuff. Furlenco has some better options. But if you’re only concern is pricing, then Furlenco is not for you as they are comparatively priced higher.


So, how do you like the list of top websites to buy furniture online? If your answer is a ‘Yes!’ share this post with someone. And if you think we missed something here, let us know in the comments.

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