Top 10+ Special Sankranthi Muggulu (Pongal Rangoli) 2024

As the auspicious festivals of Sankranti, Kite, Maghi, and Pongal grace the year 2024, the vibrant and intricate Muggulu designs presented here offer a delightful blend of tradition and creativity

The Pongal festival, a significant harvest celebration marking the end of winter, holds great auspiciousness for farmers and is widely celebrated across India. Also known as Sankranti, this festive occasion spans four days and is adorned with traditional Rangoli, Kolam, or Muggulu designs that embellish the verandahs of homes. Typically crafted using white rice powder or paste, these Pongal rangoli designs come to life with the use of vibrant colored powders, adding a lively touch to the festive season. To enhance the joy of Pongal, here are some of the best 10+ Pongal rangoli designs for a delightful celebration.

Top 10+ Sankranthi Muggulu for Kite/Maghi/Pongal Festival 2024:

As the vibrant festival of Sankranti approaches in 2024, the anticipation for joyous celebrations and traditional artistry grows. Embracing the spirit of the Kite/Maghi/Pongal Festival, Muggulu designs hold a special place in the festivities. These intricate and colorful patterns, adorning doorsteps and courtyards, symbolize the renewal of life and the onset of a prosperous harvest season. Let’s explore the top 10+ Sankranti Muggulu designs that promise to add a touch of artistic splendor to the upcoming festivities.1. Traditional Pongal Rangoli:


1. Traditional Pongal Rangoli:

maxresdefault 3 1

2. Happy Pongal Rangoli:


3. Traditional Cow Rangoli for Pongal:


4. Surya Kolam:


During the festive celebration of Sankranti, farmers express gratitude to Lord Surya, the Sun God, for the abundance of a successful harvest. Numerous Pongal Rangoli themes pay homage to the sun, capturing the essence of Lord Surya’s personality. One such exquisite example is illustrated below, created using traditional white rice powder. The intricate detailing and elaborate design make it an outstanding choice for a Surya kolam, symbolizing the reverence and appreciation for the vital role of the sun in agriculture and prosperity.

5. Flower Rangoli Design for Sankranti:

dhanu sankranti rangoli design 11

The addition of flowers elevates the beauty of any festival or celebration, infusing vibrant colors into the occasion. Rangoli designs, adorned with flowers, become especially enchanting. In this captivating pattern, the petals of various flowers intricately come together, complemented by small diyas encircling the outer border. At the heart of this unique design, a red rose, revered as the queen of all roses, adds a final touch, creating a visually stunning and distinctive arrangement.

6. Pongal Pot Rangoli Design:

maxresdefault 4

At the heart of this harvest festival, rice stands as a cornerstone, bearing immense significance for farmers. The design, featuring five vibrant pots overflowing with rice, perfectly captures the essence of Pongal, symbolizing the boiling over of milk and rice. The tulip flowers interspersed within the design serve as a poignant reminder of the blossoming spring that awaits, creating a meaningful and visually appealing representation of the festival’s essence.

7. Chuzhi Kolam Rangoli:

IMG 0324

An iconic Sankranti rangoli design is the Chuzhi Kolam, crafted by forming twisted chains and interlinking loops to create a beautiful and meaningful pattern. Placed at the entrance or the door of one’s house, this design would appear striking and add a touch of significance to the festive surroundings.

8. Mattu Pongal Kolam:

maxresdefault 5

The showcased Rangoli pattern symbolizes the third day of the festival, known as Mattu Pongal, where reverence is extended to farm animals such as cows and other cattle. This vibrant design pays homage to not only the sun but also includes other harvest elements like sugarcane, encapsulating all essential aspects of the Pongal festival in a colorful display.

9. Freehand Flower Rangoli Designs for Sankranti:


Executed with precision, this freehand flower design showcases impeccable craftsmanship in pastel shades, enhanced by a white border outlining its contours. The warm undertones infuse a refreshing beauty, rendering it a captivating choice for the festive occasion of Pongal.

10. Traditional Mandala Kolam:

maxresdefault 6

The traditional geometric pattern known as the ‘mandala’ serves as a canvas for the remarkable skill and profound expression of Tamil Nadu’s women. Crafted from a combination of fresh yellow and dried marigolds, along with other flower petals, this exquisite design stands as a showstopper, showcasing the artistic prowess and cultural richness of the region’s women.

11. Pongal Rangoli Designs:

maxresdefault 7

If there were a competition, this colossal masterpiece would undoubtedly be a strong contender. The outer circles exhibit intricate detailing using white rice powder and paste, complemented by a harmonious infusion of various colored powders. In striking contrast, the innermost loop is adorned with vibrant flowers and delicate petals, imparting the entire design with an imposing yet sublime appearance.

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12. Sun-Inspired Rangoli Design:


This design serves as another classic tribute to the Sun god Surya, capturing the essence of the sun in an artistic piece crafted entirely from flower petals. The sun’s rays, rendered in two shades of yellow, stand out against a flawless backdrop of white petals, accentuated by a blue-petaled chakra encircling the rays. The addition of red roses on the outer yellow section of the circumference, surrounding the burning diyas, completes the visually striking composition.

As the auspicious festivals of Sankranti, Kite, Maghi, and Pongal grace the year 2024, the vibrant and intricate Muggulu designs presented here offer a delightful blend of tradition and creativity. Each design serves as a testament to the rich cultural tapestry surrounding these celebrations, combining the symbolic elements of harvest, kites, and festive joy. Whether adorning doorsteps or courtyards, these Top 10+ Sankranti Muggulu designs contribute to the festive ambiance, inviting prosperity and positivity into homes. As we delve into the intricacies of these artistic patterns, we find a celebration of life, culture, and the anticipation of a bountiful year ahead. May these Muggulu designs add a touch of splendor to your festivities, creating lasting memories and cherished moments during the festive season of 2024.


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