Murder in Mahim Release Date on JioCinema, Cast, Plot

Everything about Murder in Mahim


Murder in Mahim is an upcoming thriller web series on JioCinema. The web series is based on a novel. JioCinema is ramping up its production and coming up with new exciting movies and shows after announcing a subscription package worth Rs 29 per month. This article covers everything about the Ashutosh Rana and Vijay Raaz starrer Murder in Mahim in detail.

Murder in Mahim Release Date on JioCinema, Cast, Plot

Murder in Mahim Release Date on JioCinema

Murder in Mahim is releasing on 10 May 2024 on JioCinema Premium. It will be one of the first shows of JioCinema to exclusively release on the newly launched premium subscription.


Murder in Mahim Cast

  • Vijay Raaz as Jende
  • Ashutosh Rana as Peter
  • Shivani Raghuvanshi
  • Shivaji Satam

Murder in Mahim Plot

In the heart of Mumbai, a young man’s deadbody is discovered in the dimly lit confines of a railway station washroom, sparking a chain of events that will put a hardened police officer and a seasoned journalist to the test. In the upcoming JioCinema series Murder in Mahim, Vijay Raaz plays the relentless investigator Jende, and Ashutosh Rana plays the tenacious journalist Peter. Once comrades, their paths diverged, but the heinous crime serves as an unlikely catalyst for their reunion.

As the series progresses, the horrific reality of the murder is revealed against the backdrop of a dark underground, where hidden desires and lethal secrets lurk in every shadow. Assigned to the investigation, Jende becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue, with Peter’s unexpected involvement providing an extra degree of complication. Together, they negotiate a maze of deception, confronting their own biases and hard realities along the way.

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However, the stakes are increased even higher when Jende’s own son, Sunil, is named a top suspect, blurring the borders between duty and personal loyalty. In addition to the search of justice, the series digs into critical societal concerns, such as the ethics of sex work, the fight for queer rights, and the vast class inequality.


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