Dukaan Review: A Glimpse into Surrogacy and Heartfelt Bonds

Dukaan Review

Dukaan Movie Review
Dukaan Review: A Glimpse into Surrogacy and Heartfelt Bonds

Date Created: 2024-04-05 10:59

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Overview: “Dukaan,” directed by Siddharth Singh and Garima Wahal, delves into the intricate world of surrogacy. Set in the vibrant backdrop of Gujarat’s Anand, the film introduces us to Jasmine (played by Monika Panwar), a spirited young woman with a tumultuous past. When life takes an unexpected turn, Jasmine becomes a surrogate mother, monetizing her womb. But her emotional connection with the unborn child complicates matters.


Plot: Jasmine’s journey is one of resilience and sacrifice. She runs away from her surrogate role when hurt by the biological mother’s dismissal. The heart-wrenching question arises: Does she have legal rights over the child she carried? The film explores Jasmine’s fight to reunite with her son, even as the biological parents resist her claim.

Dukaan Review: A Glimpse into Surrogacy and Heartfelt Bonds

Nuances Explored: “Dukaan” skillfully portrays the commercial aspects of surrogacy. It sheds light on how surrogate mothers navigate this complex terrain, while also exposing the exploitation they face from biological parents. Themes of love, sacrifice, and intricate relationships weave through the narrative.

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Character Dynamics: Monika Panwar’s portrayal of Jasmine is captivating. Her audacious spirit remains intact even as she matures emotionally. The chemistry between Jasmine and the unborn child tugs at our heartstrings. Monali Thakur and Soham Majumdar deliver strong performances as the distraught biological parents.

Cinematic Ambiance: Anirban Chatterjee’s cinematography paints a colorful canvas, capturing the essence of Gujarat. The music by Siddharth-Garima, Shreyas Puranik, and Divya Kumar adds depth to the storytelling.

Final Verdict: While “Dukaan” doesn’t fully explore its potential, it offers glimpses of emotional intensity. If you appreciate films that tackle sensitive subjects with heart, this one is worth a watch.


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