City Hunter Netflix Review: Thrill, Comedy and a Taste of Nostalgia

City Hunter Movie Review

City Hunter
City Hunter Netflix Review: Thrill, Comedy and a Taste of Nostalgia
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Since its debut in 1985, Tsukasa Hojo’s iconic manga series City Hunter has spawned several translations throughout the world. Ryo Saeba’s adventures have been immortalized in a long-running anime, animated feature films, a 2011 Korean drama series, and even a French live-action movie. Netflix has joined the race with a new feature film starring Ryohei Suzuki as the ultimate action hero.

Ryo Saeba (played by Ryohei Suzuki) is an expert marksman and investigator. His main motivation? Leering over youthful, buxom ladies, he exclaims Mokkori! in exaggerated excitement. Yes, he’s a product of his time, and current viewers may find his actions offensive. Fortunately, director Yuichi Sato assures that everyone around him disapproves whenever his shenanigans surface—which is rather often.

City Hunter Netflix Review: Thrill, Comedy and a Taste of Nostalgia

The plot begins with Ryo and his late partner’s sister, Kaori (Misato Morita), collaborating to investigate her brother’s death. Their aim is to discover Kurumi (Asuka Hanamura), a prominent internet cosplayer who has been afflicted with a serum that transforms her into a violent, super-powered force. Among the pandemonium, Hideyuki (Masanobu Ando), Ryo’s old coworker, meets an untimely death. His dying wish? Ryo should safeguard Kaori.

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Ryo and Kaori discover a dark conspiracy with far-reaching effects. The video chronicles their adrenaline-fueled journey through the streets of Shinjuku, where they receive cases via a message board, generally involving assisting young ladies in danger.

Suzuki goes all out in his frantic and muscular portrayal of Ryo. Audiences ready to accept Ryo’s juvenile pranks will love the well-polished action sequences and great comedy. City Hunter offers thrills, comedy, and a taste of nostalgia. Fans of the original manga and anime should try it for themselves.


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