Celebrate Diwali a Little Differently This Time.


Create Rangoli Using items of daily use instead of synthetic colors

Celebrate Diwali a Little Differently This Time.



Instead of buying synthetic colors that are blown away by a single gush of wind, use spices, cereals, and pulses to make your Rangoli. In fact, as per some cultures, Rangolis are made this way for the very purpose of feeding birds.

Another thing you can do it to finish your decoration with marigold and jasmine petals. They will serve the dual purpose of scenting up the place along with being a delight to the eyes.



Make Your Diwali a Little More About Human Connection Than Just the Light Works.

Celebrate Diwali a Little Differently This Time.


Diwali is a festival of reminiscing the beautiful family moments. So if you are too far to take a trip back home, then visit those who miss home as well. You can consider bringing your old things that are in good shape to donate.

Also, don’t hesitate to play with the children or sit around and listen to the life stories of the elders – your time is perhaps the best gift you can give them.



Who Said Diwali is About Lights Only, Try a Little Adventure This Time

Celebrate Diwali a Little Differently This Time.


This is by far, one of the best ways to celebrate a festival. Pack your bags and go hiking around the jaw-dropping beautiful mountains over North India (from Nainital to Rishikesh to Mussoorie, all of them come to their prime in this season).

Or, you could go on a restful tanning vacation along the miles long coastline. From standard party ports like Mumbai and Goa, along the heritage-rich border of Chennai, to the peaceful beaches of Visakhapatnam, this country has a bag full for travelers!


Spread Some Sweet Smell Across The Neighborhood With Home Made Sweets

Celebrate Diwali a Little Differently This Time.


The news of adulteration in milk and other sweets puts a big negative on the festive vibes. People resort to dry fruits, or chocolates to avoid this problem, but you can be a little different and make your own sweets!

With the help of the internet and YouTube, you can follow precise recipes used by professionals and make anything from ‘besan ke laddoo’ to ‘coconut barfi’, from ‘Gujiya’ to ‘Shakkarpara’, from ‘Gajar ka halwa’ to ‘Semiya’, and finally, the showstopper of all sweets – ‘Gulab Jamun’. 

So shake up the cutlery and surprise your family and friends with your newly found “sweet” skills.



Why Light Crackers When You Can Light Diyas?

Celebrate Diwali a Little Differently This Time.


Finally, the one everyone is telling you about. The aftermath of Diwali is a country left in the hands of pollution. The severity is huge. 

The air becomes much more toxic than it already is. The roads need a week to be cleaned, and they are still not tidy after that. But the worst of all is the noise pollution that happens while the crackers are bursting. For people suffering from some medical condition, Diwali is a nightmare because of this. 

Not to forget the animals who get really scared as well. Diwali is a function of inclusion, not destruction. So kill darkness this time with candles and oil-lamps, and have a safe Diwali.


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