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What To Gift To Your Tech Junkie Friends.

Unique gifting ideas for surprising your Tech junkie friends.

Selecting a gift for your nitpicking tech weirdo friend can be a real hassle and can take long hours of research on the internet...
Top 5 Motivational Movies Of All Time.

Top 5 motivational movies of all time.

Sometimes it's hard to carry the weight of countless burdens on our shoulders and us long to gasp for air and look for some...
Top 5 Animated Movies Everyone Should Watch Atleast Once

Top 5 animated movies everybody should watch once in their life.

The cinema industry has evolved and we are now getting a hold of future or the past with the help of animation of CGI...
How Google earns money?

How google actually earns money ?

“Just Google it and you’ll know” is the common phrase we hear, whenever we are stuck at some point and looking for some kind...
How to Fix water damaged laptop

How to fix a water damaged Laptop.

Accidentally dipped your laptop into the water and crying out loud that what to do now, well just sit back and relax because we...