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What Jennifer Anniston Told Us About the 'Friends' Movie.

Jennifer Anniston Might Have Told Us About the New ‘Friends’ Movie Already.

Jennifer Aniston has been recently getting a ton of limelight as first she literally crashed the Instagram when she joined the platform and set...
PVC Aadhaar Card

How to Apply For PVC Aadhaar Card, Checkout the Procedure,& More

Aadhaar Card is one of the most important documents that one can carry in India. Yet, it was only available for issuing in digital...
Coronavirus, threat to economy

How Coronavirus Is Threatening The Economies?

It is impossible for you to not have heard about Coronavirus (COVID-19). It has spread over the globe and gradually covering traversing one country...
Everything to know about the upcoming Reliance Jiofibre.

Everything to know about the upcoming Reliance Jiofibre.

Mukesh Ambani is back once again to crush the market with reliance's new product,  the Jiofibre. The Jiofibre would be launched on the 5th...
Gold Bonds

RBI to Sell Sovereign Gold Bonds at ₹5,117 Per Gram

Sovereign gold bonds are a way of purchasing gold without going through the trouble of storing physical assets and its safekeeping. In this case,...