Analog Squad Netflix Thai Web Series Review: Fake Relations Real Bonds Create an Interesting Premise

Analog Squad Web Series Review


Analog Squad, directed and co-written by veteran filmmaker Nithiwat “Ton” Tharatorn, unveils a heartwarming narrative against the turn of the millennium. Pond (Nopachai “Peter” Jayanama), orchestrating a makeshift family for his estranged father’s farewell, skillfully weaves a tale of love, camaraderie, and self-discovery.


The series thrives on the adept performances of its ensemble cast, including Namfon Kullanut, JJ-Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram, and Primmy-Wipawee Patnasiri. Pond’s recruitment of his former girlfriend Lily and the duo’s portrayal of parental roles to Keg and Bung forms the nucleus of this poignant storyline.

Tharatorn’s directorial finesse, honed through acclaimed works like Teacher’s Diary and Dear Galileo, ensures a seamless blend of humor and emotion. Analog Squad transcends the facade of a pretend family, delving into the characters’ genuine exploration of familial bonds.

Analog Squad Netflix Thai Web Series Review: Fake Relations Real Bonds Create an Interesting Premise

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Set against the backdrop of a bygone era when uncovering one’s true identity was a challenge, the series cleverly navigates the intricacies of relationships. The narrative nuances, coupled with the nostalgic ambiance of the new millennium, resonate with viewers on a profound level.

The series invites reflection on the essence of family, portraying how a group of seemingly unrelated individuals evolves into a cohesive unit. Surasee Ithikul, Viyada Komarakul-nanakorn, Kasap Champadip, Yoko Takano, and Thanida Manalertruengkul contribute to the ensemble’s captivating dynamics.

Analog Squad marks a triumphant debut in the series realm for Tharatorn, showcasing his ability to infuse depth into feel-good storytelling. This delightful journey into makeshift kinship is a testament to the enduring power of chosen families, making Analog Squad a compelling and emotionally resonant watch.

Analog Squad
Analog Squad Netflix Thai Web Series Review: Fake Relations Real Bonds Create an Interesting Premise
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