Alarming price rise of lemon & other veggies: All you need to know

Alarming price rise of lemon & other veggies: All you need to know

The price rise of lemon and other vegetables in India, including tomatoes, capsicum, green chillies, and radish, is making families sleep on empty stomachs at night.

In some places, lemon is already selling beyond ₹300 per kg in India. In Delhi, the prices are hovering around ₹200 per kg, while Surat folks are having to spend more than ₹300 for the same.


Both vegetable sellers and buyers are troubled by the high prices and are hoping for a reprieve from the government. The vegetable hawkers are experiencing shrinking profits and lesser sales that are also ruining the vegetables in their stock.

But why is there an alarming price rise of lemon and other veggies? Why, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, are these essential vegetables beyond the grasp of ordinary people?

Here are the reasons for the price rise of lemon and other vegetables:

1- Increase in transportation cost:

fuel price

Prices of fuels in India are rising constantly at a rapid pace. The rise in fuel price is causing the transportation cost for vegetables to go up and ultimately add to the price of vegetables in the buyer-seller market.

To compensate for the cost of fuel for transporting vegetables the seller have to add it to the vegetables they sell in the market. Amid the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, the fuel prices are expected to go even higher which might create outrage against the govt. in India.

2- Gap between demand and supply

price rise of lemon

There is a shortage of lemon and other veggies in the market due to crop loss in Gujarat and other parts of India owing to unexpected climate changes. The transportation cost is also stopping the producers from selling their products in other regions which is ultimately creating a shortage of lemon and other vegetables in the market.

A common rule of Economics says that whenever there is more demand than the supply price of goods will go up so that buyers of the commodities reduce to create a situation of equilibrium at a higher price. That exact law of price elasticity is dictating the terms right now in India.

The price rise of lemon and other veggies is alarming cause these are essential commodities used in the daily life of laymen. Govt. soon needs to come up with a solution to tackle the problem at hand.


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