11 Best Lord Krishna Tattoo Designs With Meaning & Symbolism


Lord Krishna Tattoo Designs with Meaning and Symbolism: Lord Krishna tattoo designs are highly inspirational, motivating and spiritual. Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Indian deities. He is worshipped not just in India but in Western countries as well. There are many organisations across the globe in which people have Lord Krishna tattoo designs engraved on their bodies to worship the mighty lord who can save them from damnation.

In India Lord Krishna is a legendary God whose verses of wisdom are recorded in the Bhagavad Gita. The text is completely composed of Krishna’s sermon to Arjuna in the middle of the Kurukshetra battle. Lord Krishna’s epic quotes from that text are a source of enlightenment and inspiration for people across the continents. People on their bodies also tattooed lord Krishna’s quotes to express they have achieved enlightenment.

Krishna’s story in Mathura is also a fascinating adventure that has motivated people to do the right thing. Lord Krishna tattoo designs are available in abundance but only a few of them are actually worth engraving on your bodies for permanence. If you are someone who wishes to have a temporary Lord Krishna tattoo then you can simply opt for any design without doing much research. But if you are someone like me who wants a permanent Lord Krishna tattoo then you must research thoroughly to have a beautiful tattoo engraved on your body which will motivate and inspire you for eternity.

Krishna is a wonderful Hindu deity whose deeds are just too spectacular and grand in nature. He is a symbol of greatness, love, peace, calm, friendship and many other motifs. Therefore a Lord Krishna tattoo design must showcase the personality of Krishna and inspire you to achieve something meaningful in your life. The symbolism and meanings are very important in this sort of tattoo design and if you are not a novice you would already know that. So, here we are beginning with our list with the hope that these tattoo designs of Lord Krishna will help you achieve enlightenment.

11 Best Lord Krishna Tattoo Design Ideas

1- Lord Krishna Name Tattoo Design in Hindi

Lord Krishna Name Tattoo in Hindi with Peacock Feather

Lord Krishna tattoo design with a peacock feather is symbolic of the tranquillity of the Hindu deity. This Hindi name tattoo of Lord Krishna can be designed on any location on your body. The picture presented here shows the tattoo design on the back of a girl but you can opt for hands and chest as locations as well. This is a trending Lord Krishna tattoo design that will never go out of the fashion for sure. As long as people are worshipping Krishna this tattoo will remain to be one of the best tattoo designs in the world. It is quite simple in nature but it surely is beautiful.

This Krishna tattoo will always remind you to walk on the right path and condemn the wrong. This might be the cue you need to act right in your life forever. It’s a very meaningful tattoo that conveys the meaning that Krishna is everywhere and he is watching and blessing you.

2- Krishna Full Body Hand Tattoo

Krishna full body hand tattoo

This Lord Krishna tattoo design may look simple to you but let us inform you that it requires due diligence and should only be considered to be engraved by a professional tattoo artist. The usage of red, black and blue ink in this Krishna tattoo conveys the meaning of peace, calmness, tranquillity, void and rage. This is a popular Krishna design when it comes to tattoos and will surely showcase how devoted you are to the Lord. This design is particularly suitable for the hands but you can try it on other parts of the body if you want to experiment. But do get the advice of your tattoo artist before coming to a conclusion.

3- Lord Krishna Face Tattoo Design

lord krishan face tattoo design

This Lord Krishna face tattoo design conveys the peace and calmness that resided in the deity loved by all of us. There is also the text at the bottom which reads Radha Krishna. Those who don’t know Radha was the lover of Krishna and they had a beautiful bond. This text symbolises love and motivates people to spread love in society. This is a special tattoo when it comes to Krishna as it shares everything that is loved about this Hindu God. There is also that peacock feather in the hair of Lord Krishna to symbolise nature and tranquillity. The flute is a symbol of skill and talent. This is a perfect tattoo for admirers of Lord Krishna.

4- Lord Krishna Flute Tattoo Design

Lord Krishna Flute Tattoo Design

If you have read about Lord Krishna then you must know that he loved to play the flute and people were mesmerised by his skill and talent in the field of music. This Lord Krishna tattoo that uses a flute as a line to engrave Krishna’s name below it in Hindi looks beautiful. It is crafted very carefully and the aspects of beauty are clearly maintained. At one look anyone can tell that this is a simple yet wonderful tattoo that will look good on anyone’s hand.

This Lord Krishna tattoo design adds the motif of a Swan with its flute tip. The swan here symbolises peace, nature and calmness. It is a deep message that is aiming to make the person who has tattooed this design on his hand follow a path of righteousness.

5- Yin Yang Design Lord Krishna Tattoo

Yin Yang Design Lord Krishna Tattoo

Yin Yang design Lord Krishna tattoo is very unique and you won’t across many people who have engraved this type of tattoo on their bodies. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of yin and yang. This Lord Krishna tattoo combines the magical powers of Krishna with the theory of Yin and Yang in Chinese mythology. The universe is created out of a primary chaos of material energy and the source of that energy was Lord Krishna. This is what this Krishna tattoo means.

6- Flute Krishna Tattoo

Flute Krishna Tattoo

This flute Krishna tattoo design is a bit different from the one we have listed earlier in this blog. This design is especially meant to be engraved on the space above your chest. It uses things like peacock feathers and a flute to highlight the messages that are given by Lord Krishna. Moreover, there is a quote which says ‘Brij ka Ish.’ These three words highlight Krishna’s hometown and his goldy powers from mythology. He is fondly referred to as ‘Brij ka Ish.’ Brij means the place where Krishna resided during his childhood and Ish refers to the God, which he was in reality. It’s a special Lord Krishna tattoo which is connected to the roots of our beloved deity.

7- Lord Krishna Bhagavad Gita Quote Tattoo

Lord Krishna Bhagavad Gita Quote Tattoo

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥

This is the quote that has been carved through this tattoo. One can get this Lord Krishna quote tattoo carved on their back as there is a lot of space in that region of the body which is required for this epic tattoo design. The quote which has been written in this tattoo design is from Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna is trying to make Arjuna understand that he must pick up his bow in order to fight in the Kurukshetra war against Kauravas as it is his karma in the light of events that have happened till then.

The quote means, “Perform your duty but do not have any expectation of the fruits.” Lord Krishna has delivered a mind-blowing message here which states being dedicated to your job, your art, and your science is the best thing you can do as a human being. It is certainly one of the best Lord Krishna tattoo designs to have right now.

8- Young Krishna Tattoo

Young Krishna Tattoo

Lord Krishna was full of energy during his time as a child. He was mischievous and symbolised the playfulness and youthfulness of the younger generation. Moreover, Krishna was loaded with cuteness which is clearly depicted in this adorable tattoo design. This Lord Krishna tattoo design takes you back in time and will make you reminisce about the good old memories. It also channels positive energy in your mind and body which makes you think positively and act in righteous ways. It’s a cute design that everyone loves. If you are looking for something that will get you compliments from everyone then this is the Krishna tattoo you can opt for.

9- Shree Radhe Krishna Hand Tattoo

Shree Radhe Krishna Hand Tattoo

No one can deny that the love story of Radha and Lord Krishna is the most beautiful and pious love story of all time. Their love was pure and devoid of anything worldly. Lord Krishna and Radha’s love story did not come to a fruitful end but it became a symbol of selfless love for people across the globe. Many folks around the world are inspired by the tenacity with which Radha loved Krishna even though she knew she could never be with him for the life. Their hearts were together so it did not matter if they really united in their physical state ever. Radha and Krishna’s love story is immortal and by having this Lord Krishna tattoo on your hand you can celebrate the love and happiness around you.

10- Minimal Lord Krishna Tattoo

Minimal Lord Krishna Tattoo

Minimal Krishna tattoo design is getting hugely popular nowadays. Now, is the time for aesthetics in this world and this Lord Krishna tattoo is exactly just for that. If you want to look cool and showcase your devotion to Krishna then this is surely the tattoo design you should get carved on your hand. Undoubtedly it looks beautiful and there is that unique sense of calmness with this minimalist tattoo design that is absent from other Krishna tattoo designs.

11- Combined Deity Tattoo

Combined Deity Tattoo

Last but surely not least on the list of best Lord Krishna tattoo designs is this combined deity tattoo design that showcases your devotion to various Hindu deities with just one tattoo. If you are a follower of Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva in combination with being a follower of Lord Krishna then this is the tattoo you should opt for. There is Sudarshana Chakra, Trishul, Flute, Peacock Feather and Om symbol in this tattoo design. It is purely beautiful and one of the most loved Lord Krishna tattoo designs ever.

With this, our list of Lord Krishna tattoo designs has come to an end. Hope you liked our collection.

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