Zodiac Signs: 7 Fundamental Traits of Cancer, Know More About Them


If you were born between June 21 and July 22, then hurray, you are blessed with a Cancer zodiac sign. Knowing your zodiac signs will make you wonder what kind of your person you are and what are your best traits.

Maybe you are too kind or emotional by nature. So, if you are very interested in knowing about yourself, this article is meant for you and try to give a good read to it.

Zodiac Signs

What Actually is Cancer Sign?

  • Dates: June 21 to July 22
  • Symbol: Crab
  • Planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Color: White

Cancer stands at the fourth position out of the 12 Zodiac Signs and is represented by the Crab symbol. If you are Cancer, you must have noticed that your friends and family members have told you that you are emotional, nurturing, sometimes insecure, and highly intuitive. This defines your true nature that how caring and humble you are.

Cancers are really moody because their mood can change anytime as they have a high range of emotions going on inside which sometimes makes their sentiments over-powered. If they stay like this for a long time, then one day you will stop seeing them very often outside their house. They might start living inside surrounded by loved ones rather than showing up openly.

7 Personality Traits of Cancer

Traits of zodiac signs can be both positive and negative. So, we will first start with the positive traits of cancer.

Positive Cancer Traits

Until now, we know that cancer people are sensitive, highly emotional, and introverts by nature who only contact close people, but there is more about them that you might be interested in knowing.

  1. Caring

Always keep in mind, people who are sensitive in nature are caring too because they cannot see anyone in trouble. They will always take care of their close ones. This kind of humble nature can easily be found in cancer people.

This trait can be experienced in a relationship too as you will feel safe under their protectiveness. Though they also expect the same care and attentiveness and might get easily upset if they do not get it. So, be careful before getting into a relationship with cancer because you have to be really careful with his/her emotions.

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  1. Protective

They will never hesitate to go far to protect their loved ones no matter what obstacle comes in their way; they can risk their own life while volunteering to save others. It is really hard to find such people who are determined to protect you, so if you have at least one person in your life, never lose him/her.

  1. Intuitive

These people tend to rely on their intuitions than on a practical sense of judgment. There can be many reasons behind this but one reason is due to their intense emotional state and sensitive nature. There are rare cancer people who can read people easily as if they have been blessed with a gift at the time they were born.

Most of the time they are correct in creating a judgment for other people with their psychic powers as they can easily detect lies and will not be deceived too soon and it also gives them a better sense of security when it comes to revealing themselves in front of anyone.

  1. Loyal

It will take time to connect with a cancer person as they are not open in their first interaction. They have limited people in their life but they share a strong bond with them, that is why they tend to remain loyal to their loved ones.

If you are worried about your top secrets then do not worry you can share anything with them as they will never tell anyone. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship and if you have a special person in your life who is cancer, then you have already seen his/her loyalty.

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Negative Cancer Traits

Having negative traits in humans is normal and cancer people are no exception, they also have negative traits like other zodiac signs that sometimes can become a pain in the neck.

  1. Moody

Due to instability in their emotions, cancer people are also known for being moody, meaning they can easily switch to extremely sad from happy mode. Whenever they get sad or disappointed, they seclude themselves in their shells.

It is better to behave politely with such people because you never know when they might change their mood and stop seeing you. You have to extra careful in this kind of situation.

  1. Vindictive

We all know that cancer people are determined to achieve their goal, but we do not know that they can do anything to achieve their goal, meaning they can be rude and harsh if someone tries to become their obstacle. At first, they will try to get through their way with kindness and selflessness, but they will never hesitate to take the other way if it doesn’t work.

  1. Highly Sensitive

They cannot tolerate criticism and might get slightly emotional when someone tries to criticize them. They do not let things go of their mind as they keep on repeating the incidents, mixing up those incidents, and in the end, they hurt themselves.

Therefore, if you are friends with a cancer person, then make sure you never say anything offensive because they will never forget what has been said by their close ones. Taking good care of them is your responsibility.

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