Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 Is out Now, Checkout What’s Under the Hood This Time


Amid the novel Coronavirus pandemic taken the globe under its hands, China tech giant Xiaomi is beating strings hard with its 2020 timeline. Yesterday, the company launched the Mi10 Youth Edition, a new smartphone-based on new specs and along with it, Xiaomi rolled the MIUI 12 next-gen Android skin.

The MIUI 12 is the latest version of the Xiaomi’s OS update in its flagship smartphones. Though the time may seem challenging this may be to take on Google’s Android OS. The new MIUI 12 comes with better upgrades over their last editions, which means that Xiaomi did hear what users had in mind.

We have covered the major sections that are new and improved as compared to the previous versions.

New animations

Animated features have been added in the new update. With the MIUI 12, users who enjoy the small details in their phone are going to fall in love with this one. 

App launching/ closing, your screen rotation, and opening recent apps tab, a new charging animation, battery levels, fresh live wallpaper, and icons for your phone: all in one place.

Navigation gestures

Though MIUI was among the first Android skins to adopt navigation gestures, they differ from any other OS out there. And users will be enthralled with the new smooth notification and navigation feature in the new MIUI 12.

Simplified UI

A simplified UI that delivers cleaner, flowing, wider spaces between different texts and images is what every MI user could expect on their phones in the next few weeks. 

Adding to this, brighter white background and new visual elements to add with any information you see complete the flawless display features.

Background features

Last year, Xiaomi held a poll last year on the categories for live wallpapers on their MI Community platform. And in that poll, the planetary wallpapers category scored the highest. 

No doubt about the fact that Xiaomi did listen to the fans and added some of the best live wallpapers of Earth, Moon, and Mars. These landscapes cascade while you navigate on-screen which appeals to the viewers.

Privacy concerns

As from the overall update, we think that privacy has been a major part of the MIUI 12 patch. Xiaomi has introduced three major security features: Flare, Barbed Wire, and Mask System. As we look into each, Flare provides you the information on the apps that draw any sensitive information you have directly into them. 

This includes your photos, microphone, and your GPS location. Barbed wire features allow you to select the apps which you want to give your location permission. Lastly, the Mask system allows a user to prevent unauthorized disclosure of crucial points of your security such as call logs, calendars, and IMEI.

Fitness goals

Till now, Xiaomi has always worked hard on their gyroscope sensors. And in the new update, the company did a pretty good job here. With the in-built gyroscope feature, users can not only count their footsteps but record calorie burnt during exercise running, walking, cycling, or stair-climbing.

Sleep gestures

Finally, the MIUI 12 packs of sleep gestures for sleeping time. It records your sleeping time, your dreaming time, the time you snore, and your body movement throughout the night. Then all of the data is compiled in graphical form for users to analyze quality sleep time.

As of now, the new MIUI 12 update is rolled over to the following smartphones under ‘First Batch’ by the end of June in China: Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K30, Redmi K20 Pro and Redmi K20. The update has been halted for international markets for a few weeks. 

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