Why You Should Watch the Masoom web series on Hotstar?

Why You Should Watch the Masoom web series on Hotstar

Boman Irani’s new web series Masoom debuted on Disney+ Hotstar on June 17th. The drama is based on a complex dark secret that comes from the demise of Balwant Kapoor (Upasana Singh), Dr. Balraj Kapoor’s spouse (Boman Irani). The episode unravels the secrets and events behind her demise.

Masoom Series Plot and Storyline:

Sana Kapoor (Samara Tijori), a teenage girl, goes home to a remote town in Punjab after learning that her mom, who had been ill from a prolonged sickness, died after rolling over from the bed and hitting her skull on the ground at their family house. Haunted by memories from her youth, she believes her father (Boman Irani) was involved in her mom’s death, and her family is driven apart by mistrust and sadness. Will she be able to learn the truth about her mom’s demise? Is the father truly responsible for the mother’s death? Or is the girl having hallucinations? To discover out, you’ll have to enjoy the series.

Masoom Cast and Starlet Performance:

Masoom web series contains all of the elements required to create a well-rounded family drama and suspenseful thriller. With this series, Boman Irani is prepared to dazzle the viewers with his OTT premiere. The series’ plot is held together by an authoritarian father fighting with frightening secrets. He is frequently at odds with his youngest child, Sana.

Samara Tijori masterfully plays the key to the mysteries surrounding her mother’s demise. The viewer will learn where the story started and where it will conclude through her personality. She is always suspicious of her dad and thinks he played a role in her mother’s death. Through the journeys of their personalities, Samara Tijori and Boman Irani generate apparent tension. Manjari Fadnnis plays a terrified yet loyal eldest daughter who will definitely not go against her dad.

Veer Rajwant Singh plays the shy middle child who is locked in his unhappy world. His protagonist through a turbulent period of romance, acceptance, and hardship.

Masoom Series review

Masoom Series Review:

Samara Tijori, Deepak Tijori’s child, is the series’s single bright spot. When celebrity youth make their Bollywood premiere, they usually opt for a traditional love story or rom-com in which they can look oh-so-glamorous sequences. However, Samara Tijori chose an odd role for her debut, one that depicted her in a de-glam aspect altogether.

Masoom’s first episodes lay the groundwork for a thrilling trip that will keep viewers on the edge of their couches. The series, scripted by Satyam Tripathy and produced by Mihir Desai, bounces around small clues and bits of knowledge that fit together the puzzle of Balwant Kapoor’s demise. The talent in writing is most evident in how the lifestyles of characters are splait as well as how they each have their mysteries. The problematic relationship between Sana and her dad, set in the middle of a depressed period after the loss of a crucial member of the family, encourages you to discover the family’s dark aspects.

Final Verdict:

Despite the short six-episode duration, segments of the story begin to stretch, and there are some conflicting personality graphs and flaws that remain unresolved until the end. Despite this, the great cast of Boman Irani, Upasana Singh, Manjari Fadnavis, Veer Rajwant, and Manu Rishi Chadda keeps one interested. As the primary protagonist, Samara Tijori stands her own effectively throughout the series, which demands a full variety of emotions from her.

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