WhatsApp’s New Update Wants Access To Your Latest Chats

WhatsApp new

WhatsApp is dropping updates after updates, recently, and here’s a new one. Now, another new feature is added to the beta version of WhatsApp and in that, while you report someone’s account, you have to submit proof of violation as well.

WhatsApp new

The high-ranging fraudulent forwards on Whatsapp has been on a rise and especially during the lockdown, there was another kind of fake news that was being circulated with Whatsapp.

In such cases or otherwise, when someone really starts bothering you with them constantly pestering you. The last resort for that is reporting the account and making sure these fake messages cycle or them frustrating your end somewhere.

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But sometimes, it’s not that fair to the other user as well, when someone just reports their account on the basis of personal grudges. So, Whatsapp has a new feature launched for that now.

WAbetainfo, a company that keeps track of every update related to Whatsapp released a statement about the update.

The way it works is that when reporting an account, you’ll be getting a notification saying ‘Most recent messages from this user will be forwarded to WhatsApp.’ And that’s how your chat details will be shared with the company for moderation.

They don’t want to steal your data and this is only done for the purpose of strong vigilant actions. That’s why they tell you this: “WhatsApp never receives your messages without your permission. If you decide to report a contact, you agree to forward a copy to WhatsApp of the recent messages from that chat.”

As of now the feature is only available on Android but will soon be available for iOS as well. If you’re facing problems regarding the same the current option available is blocking which works best for an individual account and you can always exit in case of group chats.

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