WhatsApp: Now Hide Your Last Seen From Specific Contacts Only


WhatsApp has recently announced that it will be releasing a new update very soon. And this update will enable you to hide your last seen from specific contacts only. 

Currently, you have only two options regarding displaying your last seen. So, you can either choose to display your last seen to your contacts or you can hide it from everyone.

WhatsApp New Feature
WhatsApp New Feature

New WhatsApp Feature 

WhatsApp is planning to release a new feature that will help you hide your last seen from people who you don’t want to see your last activity. 

Now, if you haven’t seen a message yet, the other person can guess so from your last seen status only. And, even if you have turned your read recipient off, the last seen status reveals if you have read the message or not. 

So, with this feature, you can hide your last seen from the contacts you want. 

Why Is This Feature Needed?

This feature is needed by many users because just for one contact, they don’t need to hide their last seen from everyone. Therefore, you can simply exclude the person from the list. 

How To Use This Feature?

Now, how will be able to hide your last seen? Well, to do that, first you need to go to the WhatsApp settings option. 

Then, click on the ‘Account’ option. Now, select ‘Privacy’. From the list that appears on the screen, select ‘My Contacts Except’. 

Now, from the list of all your contacts, choose the name that you wish to hide your last seen from. But, one thing that you need to remember is that if you hide your last seen from a specific person, you won’t be able to see theirs as well. 

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Restrict Viewers On Profile 

Another important update may be done regarding WhatsApp. If this new update is released you can also limit the number of people who can view your profile picture. 

Now, privacy has become one of the most important concerns of users worldwide. And this feature will enhance the privacy of the WhatsApp users to another level. 

And privacy and security are needed especially after WhatsApp also turned to another business platform. Furthermore, you can expect these new features in 2022 itself. 

So, now you do not have to worry about your last seen for specific people. You can prevent anyone to see your last seen by just going to the WhatsApp settings only. 

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