What might change on Twitter if Elon Musk successfully acquires it?

What might change on Twitter if Elon Musk successfully acquires it?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is reportedly in the final negotiations with Twitter to complete the purchase of the social media giant. Musk made a lucrative offer through his Twitter handle, in which he promised to buy the social media platform for $54.20 per share. The total amount is estimated to be around $44 billion.

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Twitter shareholders were not in favour of selling the company, but after Musk met with a few shareholders, everything altered, and suddenly the talks for a buyout were on. Elon Musk is a vocal critic of Twitter. He has hosted several polls on his tweeting handle to determine what changes people might want on Twitter.

Here are the changes expected on Twitter:


1- Ability to edit

As you would already know, Twitter does not allow users to alter or modify their Tweets in any way whatsoever. It often leads to users being forced to delete their Tweet if a mistake is somehow committed while sharing the Tweet.

Elon Musk organised a poll on the same issue and received overwhelming support for bringing an edit button on the Tweets. Musk shared interesting options for answers as both yes and no were mistyped in the poll. He mocked the inability of Twitter, and people lauded him for showing the care to bring about much-needed changes.

2- Open-source Twitter algorithm

Musk has been very critical of Twitter’s algorithm and often raised the question if it is manipulated behind the scenes. The Tesla CEO believes that Twitter should publicly share why a particular Tweet is being demoted or promoted. Netizens have agreed with his suggestion and lauded him as the voice of reason.

He shared a Twitter poll on the same issue, and a vast majority of more than 80% of people supported Musk’s advice for Twitter. The SpaceX CEO also talked about the same in his recent Ted Talk and said that Twitter should post the code on GitHub for people to learn the errors and make necessary amends.

3- Expungement of NFT profile pictures

Elon Musk was highly annoyed when Twitter introduced NFT profile pictures for the users. He suggested that it will lead to many cyber frauds and scams. An NFT profile picture allows users to showcase the NFTs they own on their Twitter profiles. However, it requires a temporary connection between Twitter and the user’s crypto wallet.

Elon Musk thought it was a bad idea and posted a Tweet regarding the same. Many people supported his rationality and called for Twitter to stop this nonsensical endeavour and divert the engineering effort elsewhere for better productivity.

4- Freedom of Speech

Elon Musk has often chided Twitter for deleting several opinions posted on the micro-blogging website to protect the interest of certain people and organisations. Musk believes that a platform like Twitter should allow every statement to see the light of the day irrespective of the subject or content mentioned.

He hosted a poll on this issue on his Twitter account. People highly appreciated his thought process and agreed with his view that Twitter does not rigorously adhere to the principle of promoting freedom of speech on its platform.

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