What Could Your Future Smartphones Look Like in 2030: What to Expect?


Seeing advancements everywhere raises a curiosity in our heads what future smartphones will look like? Our generation was lucky to witness the exponential advancement of smartphones. The previous decade was an eye-opener as it proved that technology is limitless and everything that we desire to do, can be done or achieved with the help of a smartphone.

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the past few years that has given every individual an opportunity to achieve what he dreamt of in his own fantasy world and even many of us have made a career out of this handful-device. Yet, the pace of technology is nowhere going to stop at all as new exciting developments are taking place in labs around the world.

 Future Smartphones

Sometimes it is really hard for tech enthusiasts to abstain from wondering about the upcoming next-gen technology that they are expecting to meet in the future. That is why recently we have studied a lot about the emerging technology that might be responsible for conquering the tech world over the next 10 years and what we can expect in 2030.

So, here are a few things that we can expect to see in our future smartphones in 2030:

  1. 6G

It is obvious that one day or the other 5G will be overtaken by the next generation, and that is going to be 6G. It may sound crazy that we have not experienced 5G yet and are talking about 6G in advance. But we are sure about this and this is going to happen as soon as will enter into the next decade.

Some experts suggest that 6G could be 100 times faster than 5G, meaning acquiring a speed of 1TB per second. With that much speed, we can easily download 142 hours of video in one second. If this gets true, then that would be the biggest achievement in the technological world.

  1. Smarter Google Assistant

Google has conducted many workshops in the past couple of years where the company explained its biggest project, that is, creating a highly advanced virtual assistant for Android users. It is expected to be updated by the year 2030 or maybe a couple of years more.

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The best part of this technology is going to be when the computer will be answering your calls and talking on behalf of you to the person on the other end. This means that we don’t have to worry about picking up calls while driving because the assistant will do the job for us.

  1. Holographic Displays

This is the most awaiting technology that we want in our smartphones. We have always seen holographic images or videos in sci-fi movies and we know how exciting it is to see them. Imagine, how much fun it would be to talk to the holographic image of your friends and family.

Tapping on the screen to answer a call and surprise, the image of the person starts floating above the screen from any angle without the need for 3D glasses.

  1. Over-The-Air Charging

You wouldn’t believe this but wireless charging, even without the charging pads will take place in the next decade or so. Researchers are working on this technology that will use radio waves to charge your smartphone anywhere you go.

Like this, we do not have to fret anymore if our phone’s battery is low because we can charge it anywhere, we want to just activate the charging mode on. That is going to be a time-saving innovation.

  1. Multiple Foldable Smartphones

Till now, we have seen foldable smartphones that can be opened or closed like a book. But what about multiple folds in a smartphone? What if you can fold your smartphone 2 or 3 times so that it can easily fit in the pocket of your jeans?

That day is not so far when we will be seeing this too and will be carrying a qwerty keypad-sized foldable future smartphones in our pockets.

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  1. Smartphone Controlled Car

It would be so fun to drive your own car with the help of a smartphone where your phone will be acting as a joystick. It will be like a real-life car simulating game, just handling a car with the tip of our fingers.

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Many great automobile and smartphone companies have paid attention to this technology and are working on this together. So, be ready to get the real-life gaming experience while driving your vehicle with an advanced smart controller.

  1. Self-Healing Screens

What will be your reaction, if we say the screen will get automatically repaired once broken by dropping or falling? It sounds magical, isn’t it? But this is going to be true by the beginning of the next decade.

Researchers have already developed a self-healing electronic material that can fix its own cracks. This will save us a lot of money as we also know how much it costs when the screens of our expensive smartphones break.

Future smartphones will no doubt surprise us, but it is fun now to think about them and see them actualizing in future. Isn’t it?

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