Top 7 Thai Thrillers on OTT: Must-Watch Suspense!

Explore 7 gripping Thai thrillers on OTT platforms—suspense, intrigue, and cinematic excellence await your viewing pleasure.

A high-stakes heist thriller revolving around a brilliant student who masterminds a cheating ring during exams.

1) Bad Genius

A supernatural thriller where a haunted house and a mysterious curse lead to chilling and unexpected events.

2) The Promise

A classic Thai horror thriller about a photographer and his girlfriend who begin to see ghostly images in their developed pictures.

3) Shutter

A psychological horror-thriller that follows a woman who undergoes a cornea transplant and starts seeing disturbing supernatural events.

4) The Eye

A horror-comedy that tells the story of a soldier who returns home to find his wife and friends acting strangely, leading to a series of spooky and humorous events.

5) Pee Mak

A gritty action thriller about a hitman who survives a bullet to the head and becomes haunted by his past crimes.

6) Headshot

A crime thriller that explores the interconnected lives of various characters involved in a mysterious murder.

7) Slice

Delete: A Gripping Thai Web Series on Netflix