2023's Richest Singers

Meet the elite singers dominating 2023's wealth charts. Discover the world's top 7 richest vocalists and their astounding fortunes.

Net worth (2023) - $1.4 billion Nationality - Barbados Richest female singer, music, Fenty Beauty, Fenty fashion, and charity via Clara Lionel Foundation.

1) Rihanna

Net worth (2023) - $1.2 billion Nationality - United Kingdom Beatles' icon, singer, songwriter, bassist. Awards, humanitarian, global charities for poverty, animal rights, more.

2) Paul McCartney

Net worth (2023) - $1 billion Nationality - United States Singer, author, restaurateur. Philanthropist. Music, business ventures make him a top 2023's richest singers.

3) Jimmy Buffett

Net worth (2023) - $900 million Nationality - United States Sole artist atop Billboard Hot 100 as vocalist and instrumentalist.

4) Herb Alpert

Net worth (2023) - $850 million Nationality - United States Wealthy, best-selling female artist ever. Forbes' top earner 11 times. Records, accolades from prestigious magazines adorn her reign.

5) Madonna

Net worth (2023) - $800 million Nationality - Canada Multilingual, versatile vocalist in pop, rock, R&B, more. Best-selling artist, pop music sensation with global success.

6) Celine Dion

Net worth (2023) - $800 million Nationality - Ireland U2's lead singer, wealthy from music and ventures. Honorary knighthood, accolades for music service adorn his rich profile.

7) Bono

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