7 Must-Watch Korean Thrillers Now on Netflix

7 gripping Korean thrillers on Netflix this month. Prepare for suspense, mystery, and excitement!

It offers complex mysteries as detective Jo Tae-Sik delves into a lawmaker's death, while Kim Seo-Hui becomes a lawmaker to unravel family secrets.

1) The Lies Within

Netflix's mind-bending thriller unfolds as a girl with extraordinary abilities resurfaces, setting off a series of events that will leave you craving more.

2) The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

The Call' takes a chilling twist when a phone call connects two women from different eras, leading to a high-stakes battle to alter their fates with perilous results.

3) The Call

Netflix's K-drama 'Hell is Other People' unveils a chilling mystery as a man becomes suspicious of his peculiar neighbors.

4) Hell Is Other People

Netflix's 'Sweet Home': Apocalyptic horror, unique monsters, and a teen's battle for survival and humanity.

5) Sweet Home

Netflix's 'Tunnel': Detective time-travels to the future to catch a serial killer in a gripping crime-thriller inspired by true events.

6) Tunnel

In a gripping tale of justice, a retired detective and a vigilant neighbor team up to catch a long-elusive serial killer who resurfaces with a chilling modus operandi.

7) The Chase

7 Terrifying Korean Thrillers: Watch at Your Own Risk!