7 Korean Horror Movies for Sleepless Nights

Prepare for terrifying nights with these 7 Korean horror movies, where the supernatural, suspense, and scares come alive to haunt your dreams.

A chilling tale of rivalry, secrets, and vengeful spirits among palace residents during the Joseon Dynasty, set in a haunting historical backdrop.

1) Shadows In The Palace

A tale of a cursed pair of high heels that leads to nightmares, hysteria, and theft in a woman's life after her separation from her unfaithful husband.

2) The Red Shoes

A suspenseful South Korean horror film set in an elite school where students must solve deadly puzzles to survive.

3) Death Bell

A chilling South Korean horror film set in the Vietnam War, where soldiers encounter supernatural horrors during a rescue mission.

4) R-Point

A South Korean horror film in the Whispering Corridors series, where a haunted set of stairs grants wishes at a sinister cost.

5) Wishing Stairs

The iconic South Korean horror film that rejuvenated the genre, set in an all-girls school with dark secrets.

6) Whispering Corridors

A South Korean horror film that explores supernatural terror through eerie phone calls and a mysterious child.

7) Phone

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