7 Must-Watch English Web Series on Amazon Prime Video

Explore the best of English web series on Amazon Prime Video with our top 7 picks, promising captivating stories and exceptional entertainment.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's 'Killing Eve': A thrilling cat-and-mouse chase evolves into a complex, queer character study.

1) Killing Eve

In a world of real superheroes, an ordinary office worker discovers a supervillain's grip on their city and joins forces with an enigmatic blue hero to confront the threat.

2) The Tick

Rami Malek stars in 'Mr. Robot,' a thrilling drama about a cybersecurity engineer with a double life, recruited by a mysterious revolutionary.

3) Mr. Robot

A teen drama on Amazon Prime Video that delves into the complexities of high school life and friendships, based on the popular novel.

4) Gossip Girl

A beloved political satire sitcom featuring Leslie Knope's efforts to transform an abandoned site into a community park amidst quirky neighbors.

5) Parks and Recreation

An animated superhero series based on Robert Kirkman's comics, known for its fun storytelling, well-crafted characters, and overall entertainment value.

6) Invincible

A captivating journey through the life of creative director Donald Draper in 1960s New York, blending work and personal drama.

7) Mad Men

Top 5 Must-Watch English Web Series on Amazon Prime Video