Top 7 Must-Watch Netflix Documentaries

Explore real-world stories with our selection of the top 7 documentary movies available on Netflix. Discover captivating tales of truth and discovery.

An eye-opening documentary by Ava DuVernay that examines racial inequality and mass incarceration in the United States.

1) 13th

A groundbreaking documentary that examines the portrayal of transgender individuals in film and television.

2) Disclosure

A riveting documentary series that unravels the extraordinary saga of the Rajneeshpuram commune in Oregon.

3) Wild Wild Country

A gripping documentary that uncovers the shocking world of doping in sports and exposes state-sponsored doping in Russia.

4) Icarus

A heartwarming and inventive documentary that explores aging, mortality, and the bond between a daughter and her father.

5) Dick Johnson Is Dead

An iconic documentary series that offers an intimate look into the career and legacy of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

6) The Last Dance

A visually stunning documentary that sheds light on the devastating effects of coral bleaching and the urgent need for conservation.

7) Chasing Coral

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