Top 10 Tollywood Thrillers: OTT 2023

Experience the top Telugu thriller 'Karthikeya' online in 2023. Follow a medical student's intriguing quest at the Kumara Swami temple, available on MX Player.

1) Karthikeya

Drushyam 2, a Telugu crime thriller, unfolds dark secrets from the past. A must-watch remake of the Malayalam hit. Stream on Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

2) Drushyam 2

In a Telugu crime thriller, intern Rachana and a reporter probe flyover accidents. Accused of a death, they face unexpected twists. Stream free on MX Player in 2023.

3) U Turn

An adept cop faces off against the mysterious killer V, tasked with stopping his spree. For gripping crime mystery, watch this Telugu thriller on Amazon Prime Video.

4) V

Inspector Vikram investigates a murder tied to his past, unveiling dark secrets. A captivating Telugu thriller that challenges expectations. Stream on Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

5) Evaru

Red, a top Telugu thriller, presents a baffling murder case involving identical individuals. As facts emerge, the puzzle deepens. Watch this intricate crime thriller on Netflix in 2023.

6) Red

A top suspenseful Telugu thriller, it portrays a woman with multiple personalities, facing challenges that mirror her life. Engaging and intense, watch it on Disney+ Hotstar for free.

7) Awe!

Inspector Deepak's career derails after investigating a couple's death and losing a leg. A gripping Telugu thriller available free on Disney+ Hotstar and MX Player in 2023.

8) Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

Moving to the 13th floor, Manohar's family faces a haunting TV spirit. Top horror with suspense. Stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

9) 13B: Fear Has a New Address

Wrap up your 2023 Telugu thriller list with '118.' Dreams of murder spark a gripping investigation. Stream free on Disney+ Hotstar.

10) 118

Top 10 Tollywood Thrillers on Netflix for an Adrenaline Rush