Top 10 Legal Korean Thrillers on OTT

A brilliant prosecutor teams up with an emotionless detective to unravel complex cases while navigating a web of corruption.

1) Stranger

A prosecutor and a lawyer join forces to solve cases and navigate their own complex relationship in this legal-romantic drama.

2) Suspicious Partner

This series follows a prosecutor who specializes in sexual crimes and a rookie lawyer as they work to bring justice to victims.

3) Witch's Court

A lawyer with a violent past returns to his hometown, seeking justice for his mother's murder and confronting corruption head-on.

4) Lawless Lawyer

A brilliant attorney suffering from Alzheimer's disease fights to clear his father's name while battling memory loss.

5) Remember: War of the Son

This drama delves into the lives of judges, showcasing their challenges, ethics, and pursuit of justice in a bureaucratic system.

6) Miss Hammurabi

A stoic prosecutor and a detective team up to uncover corruption and solve a series of mysterious crimes.

7) Secret Forest

A veteran prosecutor with a terminal illness takes on high-profile cases, determined to leave a lasting impact on the justice system.

8) Punch

This supernatural legal drama follows two individuals who come back to life with transformed appearances, working together to solve murders.

9) Abyss

A retired prosecutor becomes a lawyer for a small firm and uses his skills to seek justice for the underprivileged.

10) My Lawyer, Mr. Jo

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