10 Dubbed Korean Movies on Netflix for English Viewers

This lighthearted romantic comedy follows three individuals as they navigate the intricacies of relationships through life's various phases.

1) Sweet And Sour

Upon waking, Jun Woo realizes an enigmatic infection has swept the city, confining survivors indoors without communication tools.

2) #Alive

An untold history emerges for the enigmatic character encountered by Lee Chang's group during their journey northward to trace the origins of the infection.

3) Kingdom: Ashin Of The North

The gripping emotional journey renders this among the top English-dubbed Korean films on Netflix.

4) Night In Paradise

However, reality eventually separates them, mirroring the music's ebb and flow. This emotional journey ranks among Netflix's finest dubbed Korean films.

5) Tune In For Love

The crew of The Victory, a junk collector vessel, races against rivals for valuable debris. Speed becomes their edge in the fierce competition.

6) Space Sweepers

A corrupt detective and a spirited kid reluctantly join forces to unravel a plot while evading a relentless internal affairs agent. Time is of the essence to outsmart their pursuer.

7) Jo-Pil Ho:  The Dawning Rage

Once celebrated for his flawless and gentle persona in the 1990s, Mr. Cha now lives as a washed-up figure, yearning for a comeback.

8) What Happened To  Mr. Cha?

An ancient spirit's awakening leads to deaths. Strangers unite to halt its rampage in 8 days or risk planetary destruction.

9) The 8th Night

In a near-future Korea, amid financial crisis, ex-convict Jun Seok and his pals plan a fresh start in the slums. But a relentless pursuer threatens their lives.

10) Time To Hunt

10 Romantic Korean Films on Netflix (2023)