Your Daily Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Aries Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Nature has answers to all our problems and rightly so, like a mother, it eases all our pains. Allow this abundant free resource to touch you in some way today, okay?

Taurus Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Trust that your angels are ushering in the support you have been asking for and things are already looking up. Specific message for some: massage your feet or pain points gently today, sending some love to those body parts for all they do for you.

Gemini Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Try focussing on ways in which you can feel healthier and less depleted yourself, while you juggle the many things that come your way.Accept the way things are right now

Cancer Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

If something feels stressful or like a drag - either do something to shift it or leave the situation behind, Cancer.Your intuition is a powerhouse, so use it for your benefit to enhance all aspects of your life, not just work

Leo Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Today may be a good day to tune in, Leo and reflect on some important things that may have been pushed under the rug - whether it is sobriety in food, drink, thoughts or anything else, practise it today.

Virgo Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Virgo, if there is a persistent challenge, especially with respect to your health - mental, emotional or physical - dive a little deeper to understand what’s at the core of it all.

Libra Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Go easy on being overstimulated today, Libra and take your day nice and slow. Allow yourself to ease into the weekend, by not only taking it easy, but also giving yourself the leeway to be fluid and adaptive today

Scoprio Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Ditch that coffee and say a big Hi to all those fresh fruits and greens today, Scorps. If you have been feeling like  you want to focus on your health a bit more, and if your body has been craving for your attention for some time now - why are  you being so elusive?

Sagittarius Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Add a little laughter to a relationship that may be going sour, Sag, it may help you see things in a lighter vein. Try moving away from set notions of how things should have been, and instead try noticing how things have turned out ironically.

Capricorn Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Focus on your wellbeing by eating right, packing your day with natural antioxidants and most importantly, being open to receiving a helping hand at home, Capricorn. If you have been asking yourself, don’t I ever get to have fun or live my life?  The answer is yes.

Aquarius Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Change your outlook, your personal trainer or your doctor - whatever is applicable to you, Aquarius. Beware of getting tied down to thoughts, foods, habits because you are used to them, instead, remember that you are fully capable of mastering your mind with your childlike grit.

Pisces Horoscope Today- 26th May 2023

Take it nice and slow. Stretch your mind, your body and your will power. Get some fresh air in those lungs, soak in some sun, eat some greens and dish out a mango for lunch, but definitely, ditch that coffee or any other fizzy stuff that may tempt you.