SRK's 7 Most Controversial Moments

SRK was involved in a verbal and physical altercation with security personnel at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium during an IPL match.

1) Wankhede Stadium Scuffle (2012)

Shah Rukh Khan faced backlash for his remarks during a chat show where he spoke about his dog being named after Aamir Khan, which was perceived as disrespectful.

2) Aamir Khan Comment (2008)

SRK's comments on growing intolerance in India stirred controversy, with some interpreting his remarks as critical of the government.

3) Intolerance Debate (2015)

Shah Rukh's on-screen smoking scenes led to a legal case against him for violating anti-smoking laws.

4) Smoking on Screen (2006)

Khan was detained at a U.S. airport due to his surname, sparking a diplomatic row between India and the U.S.

5) Detention at U.S. Airport (2009)

SRK faced allegations of having connections with the Mumbai underworld, which he vehemently denied.

6) Alleged Links to  Underworld (2001)

An actress accused Khan's production company of not taking action against a crew member accused of molestation during a film shoot.

7) Molestation Allegation (2018)

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