Salman Khan's Top 5 Controversial Moments: A Deep Dive

Dive into Salman Khan's 5 biggest controversies, examining the moments that stirred headlines and discussions.

Explore the high-profile hit-and-run incident involving Salman Khan that resulted in legal battles and debates.

1) Hit-and-Run Case

Delve into the controversy surrounding Salman Khan's conviction in the blackbuck poaching case, a significant moment in his career.

2) Blackbuck Poaching Case

Investigate his tumultuous relationships, including the Aishwarya Rai episode, which garnered media attention and public scrutiny.

3) Relationship Turmoil

Analyze Salman Khan's controversial remarks on the 2008 Mumbai attacks and the subsequent backlash.

4) Comments on 26/11  Attacks

Examine controversies arising from his hosting stint on "Bigg Boss," where his remarks and actions sparked debates and outrage.

5) Bigg Boss Controversies

This article provides a detailed exploration of the five significant controversies that have left a lasting impact on Salman Khan's career.

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