Rangoli Tamil Movie Review

An Emotionally Stirring Drama

Rangoli Tamil Movie Cast

Hamaresh and Prarthana Sandeep

Rangoli Tamil Movie Budget

The regional film "Rangoli" has a budget of around Rs 4 crores, covering all expenses of production.

Rangoli Tamil Movie Details

Director- Vali Mohandas Murugan Music By- Sundaramurthy KS Release Date- 1 September 2023

Rangoli Tamil Movie Story 

Rangoli is a family-oriented movie depicting Sathyamoorthi's journey, a skilled student caught in a conflict at his public school.

Rangoli Tamil Movie Review

Hamaresh delivers a remarkable portrayal of Sathyamoorthi, infusing his character's journey with sincerity and emotional richness.

Rangoli Tamil Movie Review

Sathyamoorthi's love for Parvathy collides with familial expectations, presenting his internal battle to harmonize desires and responsibilities.

Rangoli Tamil Movie Final Verdict

With compelling performances and relatable themes, it highlights the struggles people face in pursuing their dreams while upholding tradition and family values.

Rangoli Tamil Movie Rating


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