Netflix's Top 6 Horror Movies to Haunt Your Nights

Experience spine-tingling thrills with these 6 best horror movies on Netflix, perfect for haunting your nights.

It's a supernatural horror drama that explores the haunting experiences of a family living in a mysterious and malevolent mansion called Hill House.

1) The Haunting of  Hill House

It's known for its unsettling and terrifying portrayal of a family's descent into darkness following the death of their secretive grandmother.

2) Hereditary

A Quiet Place is a critically acclaimed science fiction horror film, known for its tense silence-based premise in a post-apocalyptic world.

3) A Quiet Place

It is a gripping post-apocalyptic horror film starring Sandra Bullock, known for its suspenseful plot where characters must remain blindfolded to survive supernatural entities.

4) Bird Box 

The Conjuring is a renowned supernatural horror film based on the Warrens' real-life investigations, known for its terrifying storytelling and iconic scares.

5) The Conjuring

Gerald's Game is a gripping psychological horror film based on Stephen King's novel, known for its tense and suspenseful storyline.

6) Gerald’s Game

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