Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Review

A Heartwarming Malayalam Delight

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Cast

Saiju Kurup, Srinda, Darshana

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Budget

The movie is made at budget of ₹3 Crores. The first day went pretty well at the Box Office

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Details

Director- Sinto Sunny Music By- Ouseppachan Release Date- 04 August 2023

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Story 

Centered on Mathachan, nicknamed Moustache Mathachan, a skilled hunter, and his son Pappachan, a timid jeep driver and farmer. Unlike his brave father, Pappachan spins heroic stories to mask his cowardice.

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Review

Filled with heartwarming humor, drama, and village life, 'Pappachan Olivilanu' explores courage, self-esteem, and truth. Engaging narrative delights Malayalam movie lovers.

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Review

Delightful Malayalam film 'Pappachan Olivilanu' unfolds in the scenic village of Mamalakunnu. Pappachan, a farmer, weaves tales to mask his cowardice, leading to amusing situations."

Pappachan Olivilanu  Movie Final Verdict

It is a heartwarming family entertainer, weaving humor, drama, and village life. It delves into courage, self-esteem, and truth, engaging Malayalam cinema lovers with its delightful narrative.

Pappachan Olivilanu Movie Rating


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