IMDb's Top 10 Korean Dramas for Must-Watch Entertainment

Watch on Netflix. Four lives intertwine, offering solace and healing. Three brothers and a struggling young woman find mutual support and connection.

1) My Mister (9.0)

Centered on 5 neighboring families, it portrays their shared growth and challenges, providing a heartwarming glimpse into their world.

2) Reply 1988 (9.0)

A hit drama, it unites an anti-social author and a psychiatric worker in a healing journey. This gothic romance stands out for its mental health focus.

3) It’s Okay to not be  Okay (9.0)

Melding fact and fiction in Korea's Joseon Dynasty, it weaves captivating tales of conflict, triumph, and failure.

4) Six flying Dragons (8.9)

A 2020 drama, it entwines a grieving son with a physics professor resembling his late mother. Amid time travelers and prophecy, intrigue unfolds.

5) Alice (8.9)

From servant to US marine officer, his love story intertwines with a mission to thwart foreign colonization in Korea.

6) Mr. Sunshine (8.8)

South Korean heiress meets North Korean soldier after paragliding mishap. A top Netflix romance K-drama with a unique twist.

7) Crash Landing on you (8.8)

Based on Silla's brave ruler, Deokman's path from abandoned twin to queen unfolds in this captivating historical drama.

8) Queen Seondeok (8.8)

Chef's spirit lands in Queen's body in Joseon era. Unveiling palace secrets, a fusion drama with humor and intrigue.

9) Mr. Queen (8.8)

Elite parents' ruthless drive for their children's success takes center stage in this 2018-19 satirical drama with record ratings.

10) The Sky Castle (8.7)

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