LGM Tamil Movie Review

Embark on a hilarious roller-coaster ride of love and humor.

LGM Tamil Movie Cast

Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Mirchi Vijay

LGM Tamil Movie Budget

The estimated budget for the LGM movie is around INR 20 Crores.

LGM Tamil Movie Details

Director- Ramesh Tamilmani Music By- Ramesh Tamilmani Release Date- 31 July 2023

LGM Tamil Movie Story 

The story centers on a charming young couple, played by Harish Kalyan and Ivana, who are eager to solidify their love through marriage.

LGM Tamil Movie Review

A delightful Tamil movie with romance, humor, and suspense. Ramesh Thamilmani's direction and exceptional performances make it a must-watch, keeping viewers hooked till the end.

LGM Tamil Movie Review

The movie takes a thrilling turn during the couple's vacation with hilarious misadventures and an unexpected kidnapping. 

LGM Tamil Movie Final Verdict

LGM is a delightful Tamil movie blending romance, humor, and suspense. Watch with unique twists, keeping viewers hooked till the end. Perfect for a lighthearted yet thrilling cinematic experience.

LGM Tamil Movie Rating


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