Janhvi Kapoor Diet Plan & Workout Routine 

Janhvi Kapoor eats primarily healthy things, like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Breakfast: Janhvi likes to have brown bread, peanut butter, oats or egg white for her breakfast.

Janhvi prefers home-cooked food for lunch and eats lentils and rice. If busy in her acting class, she only has fruits and juices.

Dinner: Janhvi's dinner is very light. At this time, she likes to have a lot of boiled vegetables or soup.

Sometimes she even eats fish. Janhvi's dinner is made 3 hours before bedtime.

Janhvi enjoys Yoga, Pilates, and Anti-Gravity Challenge and is excited about her workouts.

Janhvi Kapoor has expressed her curiosity about going to the gym and shared that she never misses her gym sessions.

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