Future-Proof Careers: 7 Jobs Unaffected by Artificial Intelligence

As the world continues to embrace technological advancements, concerns about job automation and the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on various industries have become more prevalent.

Two such professions that are likely to remain unaffected by AI in the future. Let's explore why these specific careers will continue to thrive.

Although AI has made significant progress, it still lacks the capacity for logical reasoning and emotional intelligence. Lawyer  won't be affected by AI


Qualities such as determination, intuition, perseverance, and the ability to lead cannot be replicated by machines.

Chief Executive Officers

Graphic design roles will remain unaffected by AI as they demand a distinct combination of creativity and artistic expertise which machines cannot replicate.

Graphic Designers

Teachers won't be affected by AI. They possess unique skills like empathy, adaptability, and personalized instruction that machines can't replicate.


Event planners expertise in organizing, coordinating, and executing events, combined with interpersonal skills and creativity, cannot be replicated by machines.

Event Planners

Chartered accountants are not at risk from AI. Their specialized knowledge in accounting, auditing, and financial analysis,

Chartered Accountant

Authors are safe from AI. Machines cannot replicate their talent for crafting narratives, developing characters, and evoking emotions through storytelling.


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