10 Best Korean Romantic Movies to watch on Netflix

"Be With You" revolves around Soo Ah, who before dying promises her husband, Woo Jin, that she will return to meet him and their son during the rainy season.

Wish You - A passionate musician's life changes when he joins a big record company's rookie discovery project and falls in love with the keyboardist, both working well together.

The Princess and the Matchmaker: In a famine-stricken Joseon kingdom, Princess Song Hwa takes control of her own fate and meets the men shortlisted for her marriage by a diviner.

Crazy Romance - Sun-young and Jae-hoon navigate office gossip and social media as they fall in love.

April Snow is a movie about In-su and Seo-young discovering their partners are cheating on them after a car accident.

"Always," a former boxer named Chul-min finds new purpose in life after meeting Jung-hwa, a blind telemarketer with a contagious smile.

Sweet and Sour, Jang-hyuk deals with a long distance relationship with his girlfriend Da-eun while facing work competition from Bo-young.

"Tune in for Love" tells the story of two teenagers who fall in love at a bakery but are separated by fate and continue to cross paths over the next decade, never meeting at the right moment.

You Are My Sunshine : A simple farmhand named Seok Jung finds love with an experienced cafe worker named Eun-ha

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