AP Dhillon Review

A Rare Review Exploring His Personal Journey

AP Dhillon Cast

AP Dhillon, Kevin Buttar, Gurinder Gil

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Amazon Prime Video

AP Dhillon Details

Director- Jay Ahmed Music By- AP Dhillon Release Date- August 18, 2023

AP Dhillon Story 

Skillfully traversing AP Dhillon's Punjab origins and his visionary music industry goals, the series dynamically evolves his personal and professional journey.

AP Dhillon Review

First of a Kind takes you on a journey from a humble Punjab village to his transformative music industry vision, leaving a lasting national impact.

AP Dhillon Review

This deepens the connection with AP Dhillon, humanizing him and offering a glimpse into his challenges, successes, and vulnerable moments.

AP Dhillon Final Verdict

While the show's ultimate effect relies on its thorough coverage of his journey, it undeniably delivers an enlightening and motivational depiction of his pursuit of innovation and impact.

AP Dhillon Rating


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