Everything About Jolly LLB 3

Arshad Warsi has announced a reunion with Akshay Kumar for Jolly LLB 3.

The movie will be directed by Subhash Kapoor, who will take the helm of the project.

Arshad Warsi and Akshay Kumar enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice! Recent reports confirm that these two actors are set to collaborate once again for the third installment of the Jolly LLB series.

Jolly LLB 3 is an upcoming Hindi (Bollywood) comedy film with an expected release date of December 25, 2023.

The initial budget for the movie "Jolly LLB" in 2013 was a modest 10 Crore INR, while it went on to earn around 37 Crore INR at the Box Office.

Arshad Warsi was Jolly in the first "Jolly LLB," Akshay Kumar in the second, and now they face off as lawyers in Jolly LLB 3.

The "Jolly LLB" franchise follows lawyers fighting for justice. Arshad Warsi and Akshay Kumar played Jolly in different locations.

Saurabh Shukla is the common judge. In "Jolly LLB 3," both Jollys face off in front of Judge Sunderlal Tripathi.

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