Temporal Adventures Await: 9 Time Travel Films on Netflix & Prime Video!

A classic time travel adventure where a teenager travels to the past in a DeLorean car.

1) Back to the Future

A weatherman finds himself trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day repeatedly.

2) Groundhog Day

A heartwarming tale of a man who discovers he can time travel and uses it to find love and happiness.

3) About Time

A soldier experiences a time loop in a war against alien invaders, reliving the same battle repeatedly.

4) Edge of Tomorrow

A Spanish thriller that follows a man's accidental involvement in a time travel experiment with disastrous consequences.

5) Timecrimes

In a dystopian future, assassins called "loopers" kill targets sent back in time, but one faces a moral dilemma.

6) Looper

A soldier relives the last moments of a bombing victim's life repeatedly to prevent a larger catastrophe.

7) Source Code

A mind-bending sci-fi film where a temporal agent goes on a time-traveling pursuit of a notorious criminal.

8) Predestination

A group of students discovers a mysterious cave where time moves differently, leading to unexpected consequences.

9) Time Trap

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