9 Terrifying Korean Horror Movies to Keep You Up at Night

"The Wailing" combines elements of psychological horror and supernatural terror, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

1) The Wailing

This gripping thriller follows passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan as they become trapped amidst a sudden zombie outbreak.

2) Train to Busan

A secret agent embarks on a relentless quest for vengeance when his fiancée falls victim to a sadistic serial killer.

3) I Saw the Devil

This film combines thrilling monster action with a poignant family drama, making it a unique entry in Korean horror.

4) The Host

Mysterious events and strange occurrences, including the sudden appearance of new students, lead to eerie and unsettling revelations about the school's dark past.

5) The Silenced

A group of YouTubers decides to explore an abandoned asylum rumored to be one of the most haunted places in South Korea.

6) Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Thirst is a unique and thought-provoking take on the vampire genre, blending horror with profound existential questions.

7) Thirst

This haunting and atmospheric film weaves a complex narrative, keeping audiences guessing until the shocking conclusion.

8) A Tale of Two Sisters

A woman, trapped in an abusive and isolated life, seeks refuge on a remote island where her childhood friend resides.

9) Bedevilled

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