Top 7 Evergreen Telugu Movies

Discover the ultimate gems of Telugu cinema with our top 7 all-time favorite movies, showcasing the best in storytelling and entertainment.

An epic fantasy that follows the journey of a young man as he discovers his royal heritage and battles against injustice.

1) Baahubali: The Beginning

The sequel to the first film, this continuation explores the conclusion of the epic tale, unveiling long-held secrets.

2) Baahubali: The Conclusion

Set in a rural backdrop, the film revolves around a man with hearing impairment who takes on the powerful landlord for the betterment of his village.

3) Rangasthalam

A sports drama that tells the story of a middle-aged cricketer's comeback to fulfill his son's dreams and prove himself.

4) Jersey

A bold and unconventional love story that follows the self-destructive journey of a brilliant medical student.

5) Arjun Reddy

A fantasy-action film involving reincarnation, historical conflicts, and a love story that transcends time.

6) Magadheera

A unique revenge drama where the protagonist is reincarnated as a fly to avenge his own death.

7) Eega

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