7 Hidden Gem Korean Thrillers on OTT Worth Exploring

Explore these lesser-known Korean thrillers on OTT for a suspenseful cinematic journey through mystery, action, and drama.

A gripping time-travel thriller where two women from different time periods connect through a phone call, altering their destinies.

1) The Call

Set in an eerie girls' boarding school, this atmospheric thriller uncovers dark secrets and a mysterious illness plaguing the students.

2) The Silenced

A heart-pounding crime thriller that follows a mother's quest for justice when her daughter is kidnapped, only to resurface years later.

3) Montage

This action-packed film features a quiet pawnshop owner with a mysterious past who takes on a drug cartel to save a young girl.

4) The Man from Nowhere

A chilling horror-mystery that explores a small village plagued by a mysterious illness and a local policeman's quest to uncover its dark origins.

5) The Wailing

A psychological thriller where a man's memory loss sparks a disturbing chain of events, leading to a shocking revelation about his past.

6) Forgotten

Based on a Haruki Murakami story, this slow-burning thriller delves into the lives of three characters whose paths become intertwined in mysterious ways.

7) Burning

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