7 Touching Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix

Discover 7 deeply touching Korean dramas on Netflix that warm the heart and stir emotions.

The show beautifully uses butterflies as a symbol of healing, reflecting the paths of characters like Sang Tae and Moon Young.

1) It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Set pre-World War 2, the drama highlights the contrast between powerful nations like the US and the struggling Korea.

2) Mr. Sunshine

In "Goblin," an immortal general seeks release through his bride, leading to a poignant blend of romance and emotion.

3) Goblin

Flower of Evil excels in its mysterious and thrilling narrative, underpinned by deep emotions.

4) Flower of Evil

Cha Do Hyun, a rich heir, battles dissociative identity disorder with help from Oh Ri Jin, a psychiatric resident.

5) Kill Me, Heal Me

The show centers on Ki Seungnyang, who rises above class barriers to become a Yuan empress by marrying the emperor.

6) The Empress Ki

The series is a poignant depiction of heartbreak and emotion, evoking a bittersweet longing for the characters' lives.

7) Uncontrollably Fond

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