Essential Desi Foods for Your Child's Health

Nurture your child with these 7 nutritious Desi foods, offering a blend of taste and health benefits for their growth.

A staple whole wheat flatbread, rich in fiber and essential nutrients for energy.

1) Chapati (Roti)

A balanced mix of rice and lentils, providing protein, carbs, and vitamins for growing bodies.

2) Khichdi

Protein-packed cottage cheese aiding in muscle development and bone strength.

3) Paneer

Steamed rice cakes offering a light, easily digestible option filled with carbohydrates.

4) Idli

A colorful medley of fruits, delivering vitamins and natural sugars for a healthy treat.

5) Fruits chaat

Lentil stew, a fantastic source of protein, iron, and fiber to support overall growth.

6) Dal

Probiotic-rich curd aiding digestion and boosting immunity for your child's well-being.

7) Yogurt

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